The Vaughn Group of Carrington Real Estate Services

New Breed of Real Estate Business

The world of real estate can be a tricky place, especially for new home buyers or sellers that are not sure what to expect. Training and research are important, but nothing prepares real estate professionals like experience. At Vylla Real Estate, you can enlist the help of real estate agents that are both highly trained and highly experienced.

Agents within our offices have closed over 1000 real estate transactions in the past two years. Our statistics and performance record speak for themselves. Many agencies will try to dazzle their clients with flash and presentation, whileVylla simply gets it done for them. Whether you need to buy or sell a home, Vylla is the only name in real estate that you need to know.

What We Offer: Our Services

At Vylla, we specialize in gaining a deep understanding of the needs of our clients that are buying homes. This understanding allows us to present you with only the properties that will work for your needs. Even better, our immense experience allows us to make these determinations about homes on the market quick enough to save time for clients. We also have over 300 REO properties listed for buyers looking to get a great deal on a home that has been foreclosed on.
Selling a home is where experience will truly separate Vylla’s agents from the rest of the south Florida real estate industry. At Vylla, we understand the specific characteristics and home descriptions that will attract home buyers. We leverage our experience as well as our technological savvy to ensure that our clients’ homes are presented in the right way and on the right channels in South Florida.
We provide the office culture and tools that allow our agents to be the most successful real estate team in South Florida. Some of our agents were originally from out of town and have been able to build up an extensive base of clients because of the unique Vylla environment and philosophy. At Vylla’s south Florida office, we set up our agents for success, which translates to our clients having success buying and selling their properties.